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Open source Agency
Advanced web technologies for social enterprises, associations, mutual societies and cooperatives



Bastien Sibille - Founder
Grégory Nutte - R&D Developer
Dumitru Popescu - Integrator
Hortense de Nanteuil - Project officer

Strategic committee

Patrick Dargent - President of Aquarese
Hervé Knecht - President of the AlterEOS Executive Board
Joël Lebossé - Association internationale du logiciel libre
Philippe Van Haecke - Consultant

  •   What I do for you at TALCOD I supervise your project with the technical team. I ensure that the deadlines can be met, your budget under control, and the software we deploy responds your needs... [ lire + ]
  • What I do for you at TALCOD I maintain and stabilize the hosting infrastructures. As a team member, I take part in implementing the agenda of your project. I work within the technical team on... [ lire + ]
  • What I do for you at TALCOD I deal with interface integration and advanced parameterization of the open source software used. I participe within the technical team in monitoring and implementing the... [ lire + ]
  • What I do for you at TALCOD I am the bridge between the customers and the technical team.I am in charge of carefully listening and quickly and best meeting your needs and requirements.I update TALCOD... [ lire + ]