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Open source Agency
Advanced web technologies for social enterprises, associations, mutual societies and cooperatives

Some of our references ...

Vitamine T

Intranet of Vitamine T Group

Vitamine T Group Group has 13 subsidiaries and more than 3,000 employees and generates a turnover of nearly 50 millions euros in 2012. Its core business is integration through economic activity, that is to say employing and training people sidelined from the mainstream of the labor market and supporting them towards sustainable employment. The 13 subsidiaries of the Group operate in different areas, such as market gardening, maintenance of green spaces, household appliances, etc

The Group gave us the mandate to build the Intranet which tie the subsidiaries. Agendas and collaborative spaces per subsidiary and inter-subsidiary were to be implemented. The Intranet home was to enable every employee to find easily information according to the subsidiary in which he is operating. One of the technical difficulties was linked to fine management of user rights. With Drupal and the expertise of our team, we solved that difficulty. We are proud to have supported the Vitamine T Group, whose slogan is: “To make people achieve success. By other means.”

Open source technology used: Drupal

Nexeya's videoconference

NEXEYA is an industrial group which designs, manufactures, endorses highly critical specialized electronic products and provides high-value-added services, including on aerospace, space, energy and transport market. In 2012, this group employs more than 1,200 people, with a turnover higher than 130 millions euros.

NEXEYA ordered a videoconferencing room and asked us to develop additional services on it.

Open source technology used: BigBlueButton


CRES Bretagne

CRM of the French Regional Chamber of the Social Economy (CRES)

The CRES of Bretagne federates all cooperatives, mutual societies and associations of the Region of Bretagne, that is to say 13,000 institutions with 142,000 employees. It is assigned with the mission of promoting the values of social and community economy, encouraging actors grouping, representing them in relation to the authorities and implementing structuring tools for the sector.

The CRES of Bretagne ordered a contact directory with complex functionalities and distinct access areas depending on the users. Based on a CRM technology, the directory also helps to manage mail sending, registration for events and membership.

Open source technology used: CiviCRM


Website, social networking and CRM of Rencontres du Mont-Blanc (Meetings of Mont-Blanc)

Once every two years, Rencontres du Mont-Blanc brings together more than 300 leaders of the largest social economy structures of the world (cooperatives, mutual societies, associations). These meetings take place in Chamonix.

To organize it, Rencontres needs to combine complex functions: a very finely calibrated CRM to manage communication upstream, but also all online registrations (with online payment and registered persons management); a social network available on the website to allow the actors of Rencontres to continue working together after the face-to-face meetings were held; a high-quality website, fully manageable by the communications team of the Rencontres organization; a videoconferencing tool to prepare remotely the Rencontres.

In order to respond to that complex request, TALCOD demostrated the core of its know-how: haute couture between open source software modules. A beautiful mission, whose result you can see there:

Open source technologies used: Drupal, CiviCRM, BigBlueButton

Functional specificiations for the Adie (French Association for the Right to Economic Initiative)

The Association for the Right to Economic Initiative helps people excluded from the labor market and from banking system to start their own business and thus to create their own employment with micro-financing. 463 employees and 1,700 volunteers work together through 119 local offices to develop economic activity fairly.

The Adie wanted to use a segment of its information system. In order to establish functional specifications that would really meet its needs and launch a call for tender under proper conditions, the Adie required our services. We conducted a face-to-face audit phase but also by videoconferencing, in order to understand the expectations of all the actors involved. We carried out an analysis of the current IS. Finally, we delivered functional specifications resulting from the synthesis of our work.

Calixar's videoconference

CALIXAR supplies many services based on innovative technologies for production, extraction, purification, stabilization and crystallization of membrane proteins.

CALIXAR asked us to set up a web mode videoconferencing service. The room we installed includes a webcam and audio sharing area, a file sharing area and a collective or bilateral chat. 

Open source technology used: BigBlueButton

Maintenance Outchoc's website

This subsidiary of OXYLANE develops components and technologies for personal protective equipment of the brands of OXYLANE group (B’TWIN, FOUGANZA, KIPSTA, etc.). OUTCHOC® places innovation at the center of its approach.

OUTCHOC® was seeking a reliable partner for the maintenance and gradual development of its website. Our expertise on Drupal led us to respond its request.


Open source technology used: Drupal

Sauvegarde du Nord

Governance manager of La Sauvegarde du Nord

The Association has 1,032 employees in 4 clusters: social inclusion, medico-social, protection of children and adolescents and addiction. This Association works on creating, setting up, coordinating and managing suitable schemes which implement teaching, educational and therapeutic actions, around three areas: prevention, care and integration.

The Association needed a web system to manage all its governance. So we deployed the TALA module on a Drupal heart. In this way, we are able to manage very finely and securely the access rights to the different segments of the system and documentation workflows.

Open source technology used: Drupal/TALA

CPCA Picardie

CRM of CPCA of Picardie (Permanent Conference of Associative Coordinations)

We establish a contact directory to manage the database, campaign by emailing, create invitations to the events, produce statistical reports, etc.

Open source technology used: CiviCRM

Studio reflexion

Videoconference of Studio Réflexion

The Studio asked us to create a videoconferencing room inside its website, for a “classy” look for its customers and partners...

Open source technology used: BigBlueButton


CRM of the Centre des jeunes dirigeants de l'économie sociale (Center of the Young Leaders of Social Economy)

The CJDES asked us a contact directory to manage all its contact database, its email campaigns and events.

Open source technology used: CiviCRM


Internal social networking of the Réseau international des fondations pour l'innovation sociale (International Association of Social Innovation Foundations)

The Réseau asked us to set up its social network, including with working groups for its members.

Open source technology used: Drupal


Hosting a survey website for Enercoop

Enercoop is an alternative energy cooperative. At its request, we hosted its members' survey system in 2011.


Developing a web platform for Les Etats généraux de l'économie sociale et solidaire (the Convention of the Social and Community Economy)

We motorized the feedback of questionnaires for the Etats généraux, with workflows to validate those questionnaires. Overall, more than 400 questionnaires reported – a great success for TALCOD and a wonderful action for the entire sector!

Open source technology used: Drupal


Hosting website of the Comité national des entreprises d'insertion (CNEI – French National Committee of Integration Enterprises)

We reworked the website of the CNEI according to a demanding agenda. An exciting challenge, just the way we like it in TALCOD!


Hosting website for the Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux – Mouves (Movement of Social Entrepreneurs)

We developed the social network of Mouves, and the information site layer which comes above. An ambitious mission, with an excellent team!

Région NPDC

A remote learning platform for Région Nord - Pas de Calais

We set up the remote learning platform of the Cycles de Hautes Etudes Régionales (Postgraduate Course in Regional Studies), project supported by the French Regional Council and Sciences-Po Lille (Political Science University).

Open source technology used: Moodle