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Open source Agency
Advanced web technologies for social enterprises, associations, mutual societies and cooperatives

Collaborative extranet
Make the collaborative work more efficient and faster within your teams. Centralize your documents, messages and agendas. Create dynamic working networks between your collaborators.   Enjoy the best corporate social-networking tools...
Experience a really high-technology tool in the heart of you website Your meeting rooms are accessible via Web (no software installation needed) from your website; They are also reachable by phone, for an on-the-go access or if the system breaks down; They can be set up for a many-to-many...
Contact manager
Manage the entire contacts database of your structure: searching, classifying, emailing, events, additions, reports... No more scattered contact data among your collaborators, it is all in one place and it can be accessed anytime!  
Products of a year of R&D, tested by really high-level administrators, TALA services will improve governance of your organization: management of your invitations, agendas, minutes, archives, vote, secure access for your administrators, agenda, governance library...  

Nous vous proposons la visite virtuelle d'une copie fictive de l'extranet que nous avons réalisé pour l'Adie - 450 salariés et 1300 bénévoles.

L'extranet permet aux utilisateurs de collaborer à travers plusieurs modules collaboratifs (groupes de travail, groupes régionaux, forum, chat etc.).

Il permet également de garantir la qualité des contenus grâce à une communauté de "référents" qui valident les publications sur les zones de l'extranet dont ils sont responsables. Aujourd'hui, plusieurs milliers de contenus sont gérés de cette façon sur l'extranet.

Présentation de l'extranet Adie
Excellence in service

The quality of service we provide to our customers is our prime objective. It is based on: an attentive listening of your needs and really high-level advice over the life of your project; a proven responsiveness due to the organization of our team and our working methods; a great transparency throughout the production.

Technological excellence

Because their source code is open, open source technologies are more reliable than the others and we select for you the best ones in the world. Our expertise allows us to make many open source technologies converge in order to respond to the most complex projects.

Social excellence

Our company is not like any other. Our strength also comes from the values that inspire us: democracy (electing the managers by the employees); solidarity (between women and men who work in TALCOD); social commitment (open source products, quality of employment, eco-production, coordination with territories).

Our recent clients

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Une agence, deux bureaux, des clients dans toute la France


48 rue Nicolas Leblanc
59000 Lille


71 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
75010 Paris